Friday, 1 August 2014

Story Starters - Week One

Today marks the first Story Starter post. Story Starters will be posted on Friday every week and will either contain photos or a first sentence, or even a first paragraph, to help inspire new stories. The point of the Story Starters is to get you writing. If you haven't written anything all week, use the story starters to make sure you write something every week. The best way to become a proficient story-teller is to write as many stories as you are able to write. The more you write, the better your writing will become.

With a photo or drawing, you are to look at the picture and see what ideas it inspires in you; then write your story. The same goes for the Story Starters that give you a sentence or a paragraph to start you off. With a paragraph, you are to use it to start your story, but with a sentence, you are to use it either to start your story or to add it in anywhere in the story.

This week's Story Starter is a sentence:

While everyone else was busy arguing about the accident, Shane's gaze was riveted on the dark bulge that slithered in and out of view under the injured victim's skin.

(Feel free to add your stories in the comments below.)

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