Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Superhero Chronicles: A Collection of Superhero Stories Written & Illustrated by Children - Available now!

The Superhero Chronicles: A Collection of Superhero Stories Written & Illustrated by Children is out now and available to purchase! It makes a great gift for parents, grandparents, godparents, teachers and others! The stories are wonderful for children too!

To make buying the books easier, you have three different versions of the anthology to choose from: the black and white edition, the full colour edition and the special edition, all at different prices. 
the black and white edition
the full colour edition
the special edition

If paperback books are not for you, you can also buy the books in Kindle format.

From the blurb:
What does a child like best about superheroes? If a child could create a superhero, what kind of superhero would he or she create? Find answers to these questions in this collection of superhero stories, written entirely by children. Fourteen young authors, from six years old to thirteen years old, from all around the world, have come together to create this anthology of twenty-two superhero stories. Delight in these short stories of superheroes, from super animals and eco-warriors to masterminds and super witches. Enjoy reading about superheroes who have special powers and abilities, as well as superheroes who have no special powers and yet still manage to make the world a better place.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Superhero Chronicles anthology table of contents #SuperheroChronicles

If your child has a story in this anthology, please check that the spelling of his or her name is correct. Some hero titles  and story titles have been tweaked. For those of you who have not yet sent in a short sentence or paragraph (written in the third person) about the author (including his or her age), please do so as soon as possible. The formatting of the stories is nearly completed. I am still working on the artwork, preparing it for the book, but I am also getting the "About the Authors and Illustrators" section filled in. I should have an official cover to show you soon too! (The above cover is not the one that will be used.)

Flamewhip by Angelina Destiny Marie Carté
     The Carnival 
Tala by Gabriella Fyfe
Lightning Lilly by Maddy Willoughby
     Lightning Lilly and Champion Chewie in the Zoo Rescue
Special Boy by Connor Fyfe
     Becoming Special 
Princess Seea by Aijay Willoughby
     Princess Seea and Super Stitch in the Big Splash
Tiger Boy by Cameron Fyfe
     Battling the Baddies
Starlight by Isabella Fyfe 
     Super Crystal 
The Apprentice by Leyarna Hendricks
     The Girl and the Mastermind
Super Leyarna by Izabela Manta
     The Magical Event 
Nature Princess by Isabella Fyfe
    The Special Garden
          Part One by Isabella Fyfe
          Part Two by Leyarna Hendricks
          Part Three by Izabela Manta
          Part Four by Leyarna Hendricks
          Part Five by Isabella Fyfe
Ashley Morris: Vampire Hunter by Miriam Norwitz 
     Vampire Street
The Singer by Jade Nash 
     The Singing Hero
Gadget Man by Autumn East
     Fixing Things
Super Lion Cub by Maddy Willoughby
     The Happy Lion
Towering Tulip by Aijay Willoughby
     Tulip to the Rescue
Stonecone by Connor Fyfe
     Out with Mum
Mermaid Girl by Emmy Snider
     Merina the Mermaid
Super Bella by Cerys Ebenezer
     The Power of Friendship
Toy Tiger by Cameron Fyfe
     The Bedroom Rescue
Super Orla by Isabella Fyfe
      From Villain to Hero
Amazing Boy by Connor Fyfe
     The Barbest and the Gift of Fire

Super Witch by Isabella Fyfe
     Super Pencil to the Rescue
About the Authors and Illustrators