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"The Talisman Chronicles" Anthology By Kids - Submissions Being Taken

You might have already heard about Melusine Muse Press, my newest venture, and how the primary focus for it is the creation of anthologies. You might have heard about Teapot Tales: A Collection of Unique Fairy Tales which is available on Amazon now in print and Kindle formats and will soon be seen in stores. Some of you might have also heard about the anthology of stories about female superheroes that is being created or about the Jingle Bells anthology that will be available by Christmas. My children have been very excited about every anthology that has been created so far and also about the ones yet to come. My kids have been asking: When they will get the chance to write stories for an anthology? When will they get the chance to draw pictures for an anthology? I have a friend, also an author, who also has children who want to take part in an anthology.

I bet you can guess what I am about to tell you.

Yes, I will be creating an anthology that will be made up entirely of stories and poems written by children and drawings done entirely by children! This one will be called "The Talisman Chronicles," and each child who participates will get a "talisman," which will really be a small charm. These charms can be used to add to bracelets or to make zipper-pulls or to make bookmarks or just to hook onto a backpack. They can be used to make a gift for someone else. You can do whatever you want with them. And yes, I am totally stealing the use of charms for the project from Sally Odgers who has done this for adults in her anthologies "Crock of Charms" and "Keepsakes." It seemed like a nice way for kids to get something from their experience, and charms are small so will not cost too much to mail out.

Here are the rules:

1. Pick a charm from the ones listed (and there will frequently be new charms added to the list, so feel free to check back). E-mail your choice to me. If it is still available, it will become yours and will be marked as having been chosen. You may only choose ones that have not already been chosen.

2. Write a story based on the charm you have chosen. It is preferred that you keep it as a "talisman" in your story, but you do not have to. If you pick a cat charm, for example, you can just write a story having to do with a cat. The story should be no less than 300 words (150 if you are 5 or under) and no more than 1,000 words. 300 to 500 is the perfect word-count for this project, but I realize that some children will have a longer story in mind which is why I've set the maximum word-count at 1,000 words.

Not a story writer? Prefer poems? Then you may instead write a poem to go with your charm. Minimum length: 12 lines.

3. Draw a picture to go with your charm. This is optional. Not good at drawing but know someone who is not good at writing but would love to draw? You can work together, with one doing the drawing and one doing the story or poem.

4. Write a brief bio about yourself, including your age and why you like writing stories/poems and or drawing.

5. Download the consent form. Have your parent print it, fill it in, sign it, and scan it to send back to me at my e-mail. (rebecca (at) fyfe (dot) net)

6. You may do more than one story. You may also get a parent to help you make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Make sure your story lets us know about your main character, lets us know what the problem is and has a resolution to the problem. For poetry, make sure it flows well and paints a picture with words.

7. If you are drawing a picture, make sure your picture is done on white paper and use bold lines for it. No crayon or colored pencil. If there are enough entries, we may do a color and a black and white version of the book. I can convert color pictures into black and white, but only if they haven't been colored in. If you choose, you can do a black line drawing, scan it to send in and then also color it in and send it. We will definitely be doing a black and white version of the book, so that is the more important drawing.

8. You parent will have to e-mail me with the mailing address to send your charm to. Addresses will not be shared in any way.

9. Stories and drawings are due by December 1st. If there are not enough stories by that date, then the due date will be extended. If we have enough stories by that date, I will do my best to get the anthology ready in time for Christmas. (It will not be easy with that time frame, but I will try.)

10. The anthology will be in both Kindle and print format, if there are a minimum of 20 stories and 20 pictures submitted. If less than 20 stories and 20 pictures are submitted, the book will not be created in print form and/or we will extend the due date until 20 of each are submitted.

11. You must be no older than 15.

12. Once you have turned in one story, you may choose a second "talisman" to write about.

13. You retain the copyright to your work. By submitting, you are only granting us the right to publish your work in this anthology in all of its forms, and to possibly use parts of it for marketing purposes for the anthology.

E-mail your stories to Rebecca (at) Fyfe (dot) net.

Some charms are available more than once.

Charms so far:
Heart - SUBMITTED - Jade Tonks, age 12
Cowboy boot - TAKEN
Star - SUBMITTED - Jack Redhead, age 8 or 9
Peace symbol
Dragonfly - SUBMITTED - Angelina Carte
Crown - SUBMITTED - Henry Gatenby, age ?
Paw print - SUBMITTED - Maddie Willoughby, age 6
Cat - SUBMITTED - Connor Fyfe, age 7
Dog -SUBMITTED - Ajay Willoughby, age 5
Fish - SUBMITTED - William Hart, age 6
Dolphin - SUBMITTED - Maddison Cook, age 7
Seahorse - SUBMITTED - Amelie North, age 7
Rabbit - SUBMITTED - Charlotte Cook, age 4
Frog - TAKEN
Butterfly - SUBMITTED - Nat Khalinsky, age ?
Key - SUBMITTED - Nat Khalinsky, age ?
Male symbol
Dragon - SUBMITTED - Cameron Fyfe, age 4
Dragon - SUBMITTED - Gabriella Faye, age 11
Dragon - SUBMITTED - Caitlin Shambrook, age 13
Dragon - SUBMITTED -Harry Redhead, age 10/11
Dragon - SUBMITTED - Amelie Crimp, age 8
Dragon - SUBMITTED - Romy Cole, age 5
Dragon - SUBMITTED - George Redhead, age 6
Dragon - TAKEN
Dragon - TAKEN
Pegasus - TAKEN
Pegasus - TAKEN
Fairy - SUBMITTED - Cameron Fyfe, age 4
Fairy - SUBMITTED - Isabella Fyfe, age 8
Fairy - SUBMITTED - Maddison Cook, age 7
Mermaid - SUBMITTED - Cameron Fyfe, age 4
Mermaid - SUBMITTED - Isabella Fyfe, age 8
Mermaid - SUBMITTED - Stephanie Heart, age 4
Mermaid - SUBMITTED - Lily Cole, age 2
Mermaid - TAKEN

Please feel free to share this project with anyone you think might be interested in joining in.

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