Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Courage to Imagine


Children have more courage than any adult I have ever known. They have the courage to imagine. They use their imaginations to create whole worlds and to act out the stories they wield through the power of their minds. Children still believe in magic, the magic of their imaginations, of creating something from nothing. They have the ability to see things that we, as adults, can no longer see. And they have the courage to believe in a better world than the one in front of them.

They believe in hidden worlds within our own, worlds with fairies and pixies and mermaids, worlds with unicorns and dragons. They create new creatures, never before seen in any legend, fairytale or myth. They draw what they see behind their eyes, what their imagination shows them and they create stories from what they draw.

Children are well-equipped to follow their dreams, because they are willing to imagine where that will take them. They are not afraid to face their dreams. They have the courage to imagine.

We would all benefit from listening to imagination of children.

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