"The Talisman Chronicles" Anthology Parental Consent Form

a division of Melusine Muse Press
"The Talisman Chronicles" Anthology

I, ________________________________________, am the undersigned parent or legal guardian (“Guardian”) of ___________________________________ (“Author”), who has submitted the following
 (check all that apply):

______Short Story entitled



______Poem entitled


______Miscellaneous entitled


(Hereinafter, such submission(s) shall be individually and collectively referred to as “Work”) for "The Talisman Chronicles" anthology by Your Kids' Creations, a division of Melusine Muse Press (www.melusinemusepress.com) ("Publisher").

By the signature below, and for good and valuable consideration herein described, receipt of which is
acknowledged, Guardian hereby:   

(1)              Warrants
that the work submitted by Author is Author’s own work and content for which Author holds the copyright; 
to the publication on one or more occasions of Author’s Work in the anthology by Publisher for the intended purpose and to the editing of the work for length, spelling and grammatical errors, and content;
that since the Work is published in the anthology, it will be disseminated to a number and variety of readers, and Guardian hereby releases and holds harmless Publisher, its employees and agents, from any obligations and/or claims of any nature arising from the publication of the Work in the anthology in either it's print or ebook formats, including, without limitation, claims of invasion of privacy or defamation, infringement of moral rights or rights of publicity or copyright;
that publication of Author’s Work  by Publisher is good and valuable consideration.

By the publication of Work in anthology, Publisher does not claim any copyright to the Work nor any exclusive rights to publication. Your Kids' Creations will properly credit Author with the creation of the Work, either under Author’s true name or a pen name of Author and/or Guardian’s choosing.

Agreed, this ____ day of _____________________, 2013 by:

Signature: _________________________________________

Print Name: ______________________________________

Relationship: _____________________________________

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